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Digging into the Dirt

Diggin' It: Diane's Community Garden

After months of cold and gloom, I’m excited to be back in my community garden plot.

My community garden plot nestles in the backwoods of Cos Cob in Greenwich, Connecticut, surrounded by thick woods, turkey, deer, foxes and critters. Our average last frost is May 1, giving me roughly five months to plan, coax, grow and enjoy a vegetable bounty before frost returns in November.

Gardening activities are beginning at the Bible Street Community Garden. Nearly 100 plots were assigned in early April, each one 4×8 feet. Gardeners block off the last weekend in April for opening day, a day devoted not to our own plots but rather to the rejuvenation of the garden after winds and snow. We each sign up for 10 hour of community garden service. This year I've seen two people at the garden, but every time I visit, I see evidence that others are cleaning and prepping their plots.

This is my second year as a community gardener — no longer a greenhorn, but by no means a master vegetable gardener. I am in the process of selecting and germinating my seeds. Radishes and cucumbers have sprouted. It's too early to plant cucumbers outside, but this week I will plant radishes, arugula and beets in the garden plot.

Community gardeners, what are your favorite vegetables? When do you start germinating? Planting? How long does it take you to feel proficient in community gardening — proficient enough that new gardeners will ask you to be their mentor.

Gardeners, bookmark this blog, share lessons learned and tweet or retweet the blog on Twitter. Join the community of gardeners around the country and the world. Until next time!

Your intrepid community gardener, Diane Tunick Morello

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